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Monday, October 17, 2005

Katie's Cruise could be a rough ride

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When the young Katie sat in her bedroom dreaming about Tom, did her diary entries say anything about converting to Scientology before she married her handsome prince?

Did she fantasise about being accompanied by a chaperone and replacing her friends with his, as friends say she is doing now that she is 26 and he is 43? In her rose-tinted picture, she is unlikely to have imagined the birth of her little Toms, during which her new religion will not allow her to emit even a squeak.

The teenage crush is a universal phenomenon. But when a crush turns to marriage, how far is a besotted lover prepared to go for the object of his or her dreams?

Tom and Katie met in April, were engaged by June and have just announced that they are expecting a baby - despite her vow of celibacy until marriage. Cynics recall that Cruise's first two marriages - to smart, grown-up, successful women - both failed.

They also point out that Holmes has cancelled work so that she can be there to look adoring at his side, that she is younger, more naive and considerably less famous than he is, and also that Cruise has chosen a wife who looks suspiciously like him - only shorter.


"There is a power imbalance in any relationship between students and teachers, doctors and patients, counsellors and clients," says Denise Knowles, a counsellor with Relate. "I wouldn't pour buckets of water over anyone's happiness, but I would ask couples like this to do a forward reality check.

How do you see yourselves in five years? How do you want to be parenting those children?" It is something Katie Holmes might like to think about.

Her parents are said to be "uncomfortable" about her whirlwind romance, members of her Catholic church are concerned about her "embracing" Scientology, and her own fans are up in arms. A new website, has added "Free baby" T-shirts to its range of merchandise that pleads with the actress to dump Tom.


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