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Friday, February 17, 2006

Pillow Talk

Dear Tom,

Just because Michael Jackson fathered Blanket does not make it acceptable for you to father Pillow.

We know he's the King Of Pop, and you're the King of Couches.
We know he likes young boys, and you like young girls.
We know Lisa Marie was into your religion, and you've got Katie shilling it too.

I hate to repeat myself, but...

--Both, in the beginning, appeared relatively sane, if not actually attractive.
--Both, also, were (whether they still are is far more debatable) talented.
--Both have been surrounded by rumors of homosexual activity.
--Both are raising children that neither actually participated in making (it came out in Michael's trial that "his" kids are likely not actually related to him).
--Both have had publicity stunt/sham relationships/marriages.
--Both have undenyably gone off the deep end.

So, dear Tom, bringing Pillow into this world may seem like a good idea, I warn you, when you find yourself danging pillow off a balcony, going through trial after trial, and finally retreating to another country to live as a woman, you will regret your decision.


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