Save Dakota Fanning!

Monday, March 13, 2006

NotKatie is Back On Show

You know, I think I figured it out. NotKatie is heavier, and SHORTER.

That explains this:

As usual, there was plenty of TomKat PDA, with a spywitness telling the Insider, "Tom couldn't stop kissing Katie's forehead."

How else could he reach, even with his big ole heels, unless the NotKatie is a few inches shorter than the RealKatie.

Also per usual, the expectant parents (due-date predictions range from any second now to early May, although conspiracy theorists are pulling for March 13 -- the birthday of L. Ron Hubbard) never strayed far from one another, even when nature called.

Fox News' Roger Friedman reports Tom escorted Katie to a far-off ladies' room, a trip that involved the closing of fire doors and the raising of a partition so that she "could be unimpeded in her toilette."

At least he's treating NotKatie with the same overlording "care" he treated RealKatie.

But, now, we have Nicole AND RealKatie missing.

I hope Dakota's somewhere safe.


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