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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Something Is Going Down (Not In A Gay Way)

(totally stolen all the way from trent)
Walter seems to believe that this shindig might be little Suri Holmes-Cruise's coming out party but other celeb watchers tend to believe that the Scientologists are getting ready to throw the a wedding ceremony for Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes (if Katie ever had a chance to run for her life she better take it now). Personally, I wouldn't be surprised if these fine folks were getting ready to greet the Mothership ... perhaps it is on its way from planet XELNOR with instructions from lord XENU to drop off little Suri so that we can all finally get a good look at her. The only way I'd believe Tom Cruise fathered a child would be if I saw it come off the spaceship with my own eyes ... and even then, you know it'd be an adoption. Whatever the case may be, something is about to go down amongst the Scientologists ... and so we wait.

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  • My name is Clara and I’m a big fan of Dakota and I think tom should just leave here the “Hell A LONE’’ every time I look in the us weekly magazine or gazette or stars magazine
    He’s always with her holding her . I mean give me a brake she does
    One movie with him and tom all over her. I bet on the set of war of the worlds he
    Sadust and molested her. I just don’t like seeing them together. I know he loves
    Young girls but he better leve this one a lone she has a big further a head of her she
    Doesn’t need that old pail burnt up actor tom cruse a round her

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:54 AM  

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