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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Foreshadowing, Part II

The Dakota

Thanks to a tip from our good friend, anonymous poster "apple blossom," the Save Dakota group wants to highlight what more and more appears to be a glaring clue regarding the dangerous precedent that Mr. Cruise has set insofar as his subliminal cameo of the possible future Mrs. Cruise, KatieKate, in the brilliant 2001 Cameron Crowe flick, Vanilla Sky.

You will note, as recorded below, an image of KatieKate appears for a single frame, at approximately 3 minutes and 51 seconds into the movie, as the cover model of a fictional magazine, TV Digest.

You will now note: the building that Mr. Cruise's character lives in is the historic and majestic Dakota, located on the northwest corner of 72nd Street and Central Park West in New York City.

Is this yet another mere "coincidence?" Is Mr. Cruise nothing more than a pawn in Life's giant game of chess? Or is something much more ominous happening? Did this man set into motion, using his advanced powers as a (rumored) OT VII Scientologist, a course of events that would lead to his eventual assimilation of poor KatieKate? And, if so, have these forces of -- I'm afraid we must be clear -- evil and mind-control also set their steely, beady sights on the young and unsullied Ms. Fanning?

Only time will tell. I say: Do not wait for the years to pass! If this sort of altering of wills is allowed to continue, it may be too late by the time the rest of the world sees Mr. Cruise couch-hopping for the extraordinary Dakota! Act now, and save this child from a fate worse than death -- a Scientology wedding on the Mountain of Xenu!


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