Save Dakota Fanning!

Monday, July 11, 2005

Please, Mr. Icky Cruise, let her go.

Now, this is about saving Dakota. So, really, to fully save her, we should hope that Mr. Icky Cruise is never ever single again, and marries Katie Kate Holmes and they live happily ever after in their honeymoon phase blah blah blah.

But take a good long look at this:

How can anyone, in good conscience, want him to hold KatieKate any longer? That does not look comfortable, literally and figuratively. In 90% of the pictures we have seen, KatieKate appears to be restrained somehow by Mr. Icky Cruise. Crushing her hand, holding her too close against him.

Sadly, if you scroll down you'll see similar pictures of Dakota Fanning in equally restained positions.

Though it is not our job nor duty to Save KatieKate, we cannot condone the relationship either, until it appears, at least, more healthy, and more an informed decision on both parties' part.

Instead, it looks like KatieKate accepted the money, ate the vitamins, and just doesn't know any better. Brain washing has been known to happen. Maybe not directly, but rumor has it, the ring has "magical" qualities.


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