Save Dakota Fanning!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Katie being held captive//Keep Dakota young and free

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Since hooking up with Tom Cruise and the Scientologists, every move Katie makes is reportedly monitored. When Holmes accompanied Cruise to a recent taping of "The View," eyebrows were raised when she wasn't allowed to go to the bathroom alone. At one point, Cruise asked where the bathroom was and "took Katie with him into the men's room," an insider says. Later, when Holmes needed to go, "three Scientologists followed her in." A rep for "The View" said, "We don't follow guests to the bathroom." Some were also concerned because Holmes "looks like she hasn't slept in weeks."

Dakota Fanning always looks sleeped deprived! But no, he wouldn't have gotten to her yet. NO TOM, you sick bastard!!!!


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