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Friday, October 28, 2005

He Will CRUISE Right Through Your SHEILDS

Dearest Brooke,

We are on to you. We see a pattern. Katie's "pregnant." You couldn't stand to see that funny little man happy, could you? So, out of sheer spite and hatred for all things good and crap, you SPAWNED. AGAIN.

Damn you. Couldn't wait to get your fix again, could you? I bet you're heavily addicted to those post partum depression drugs. We here at the Scientology Drug Treatment and Brainwashing Center can help you. Weeee caaaaan heeeelp youuuuuuuuu. Looook deep into your pockets my eyes.

My Angel Kate will have a drug free birth, will take her vitamins, and will shine and be glorious because chemical imbalances DO NOT EXIST. And if anyone should know about being imbalanced, it's me. YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND BABY MAKING. I do.

L. Tom Hubbard


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