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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Is He Gay?

Most people either assume he is, or have questioned it. Well, the most recent headline puts the question to bed:

Tom Cruise Helps Design Katie Holmes' Wedding Dress

Never mind the fact that it is extremely bad luck for the groom to see the brides dress before the wedding day, Cruise is taking over the design of the dress.

According to the Sun a friend of the couple’s said: "Tom has a great relationship with Georgio Armani. Most of the clothes you see him and Katie wear come from Armani personally."

"Tom asked Georgio to design the dress especially and he has had Katie in for several fittings.

"It's unusual for the groom to have a say in the dress but he has had a lot of input."

Let's hope it's bad luck for this shorty and his babymamma.

Because hey, we're mean like that.

(Read Article Here)


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