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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Will We Have To Save Dakota From Ford, Too?

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According to Ford, no one embodies the new Hollywood better than Dakota Fanning. In an essay that will appear in the magazine, he wrote that she was "an ageless icon, like Elizabeth Taylor."

She is also a box-office force. Fanning makes $3 million a picture, and her films have grossed more than $650 million — more than Reese Witherspoon, Julia Roberts and Nicole Kidman.

"She has such a beautiful face," said Ford, who had Dakota photographed as an adult wearing Chanel couture. "She's growing up in such a beautiful way."

Nah. He's just flattering an honest, like Kurt Russell buying her a pony. That's what you give little girls. Ponies. Not cell phones with your phone number programed in, you sick, sick man.

In other news, even if a little Elron is born, no one will care. Except it won't be breast fed.

Oh, by the way, believing in god is a scientological sin, so KatieKate's little "it's compatable with catholocism" thing is just another lie to add to the list.


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