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Friday, March 31, 2006

The Scientology Soap Opera

Apparently, there are people who think Scientology isn't strict enough in adhering to LRon's dream.

The International Freezone Association (IFA) is a group of individuals, auditors and groups who believe they should be free to practice the original philosophy of Lafayette Ron Hubbard.

They feel that, since the death of the founder of the movement, the Church of Scientology™ has strayed from the original philosophy and purpose of the group.

As the members of the IFA do not wish to participate in the practice of an altered philosophy they have elected to practice their chosen philosophy independently of the 'official' organisation or church.

ooooh, they have a Constitution!

Members will have no vote in the election of officers.

That the member is not a member of any group opposed to the IFA or any group attempting to disparage, unmock or destroy the IFA at the time of the prospective members application or during the tenure of membership.

So, perhaps we here at SaveDakota shouldn't apply?



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