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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Yes, Fugly, That's Our Baby

TOM: Kate, what do you think of my hair?

KATIE: It's amazing.

TOM: I set the Flowbie to stun. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA. No, seriously, I actually just set it to "long." You don't think I look like a boy-bander? I think I look like a boy-bander. A little bit. A little boy-bandy.

KATIE: You look amazing.

TOM: What about my suit? Do you like my suit? Is my suit too movie-premiere-y for a soccer game?

KATIE: Your suit is amazing. Everyone wears Gucci to their child's soccer game. Gucci is amazing.

TOM: Are you being sarcastic?

KATIE: I haven't been sarcastic in 18 months. My head hurts too much.

TOM: Have some vitamins!

KATIE: Uh-huh.


KATIE: Vitamins are amazing. Scientology rocks.


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