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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Wedding Bells = Dakota's Safe. For now

Yahoo! News Claims Wedding Date

Hollywood's most high-profile engaged couple have finally set a wedding date.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes will marry in Italy on Nov. 18, Cruise's representative, Arnold Robinson, confirmed to The Associated Press on Tuesday. Holmes will wear a dress designed by Giorgio Armani, Robinson also confirmed.

The wedding date was reported by Us Weekly magazine on its Web site.

No wonder Katie's been the practicing anorexic.

Will Tom be forced to wear a bra for his man titties, though?

With Tom safely locked up in the bonds of a heterosexual marriage with an adult of the age of legal consent, will Dakota finally be safe?

Considering how fast our girl is growing up, soon she'll be looking like this

And I'm sure tom will be all over her once again.

We cannot stop the good fight.


  • don't know if you've seen this. isn't it a, shame?

    Is Italian Wedding 'Impossible' for TomKat?
    BRACCIANO, Italy (Nov. 9) - A romantic Italian wedding for Hollywood hunk Tom Cruise and actress Katie Holmes might be a "Mission: Impossible," according to local officials.

    Rule 1: Do Your Homework


    The Cooler Heats Up: Will There Be Aliens at the Wedding?

    · Cruise's Movies and Photos
    · Katie's Pre-Cruise Career

    Talk About It: Post Thoughts
    The priest with jurisdiction over the dreamy lakeside castle tipped as the chosen location for the wedding says his parish won't marry Cruise and the mayor says she can't because the couple haven't done the official paperwork.

    The small Italian town of Bracciano has been swimming with picture-snapping paparazzi since Il Messaggero newspaper reported that Castello Odescalchi in the town was chosen by the couple for their wedding later this month.

    But rules laid down by the local bureaucracy and the Roman Catholic Church appear to be a lot tougher than any of the macho super secret spies who Cruise's character regularly defeats in the "Mission: Impossible" movies.

    Mayor Patrizia Riccioni told Reuters she would like the wedding to take place, but that it was unlikely any celebration would be blessed with state recognition given that the couple have not provided the official documentation needed.

    "I don't think it will be legal," she said. "On an Italian level, there are papers and documents that we certainly don't have (for a wedding)."

    Cruise and Holmes announced in October that they would marry on November 18 in Italy, with Giorgio Armani designing Holmes' gown.

    Holmes' parents are both Roman Catholics and one Italian newspaper wrote that the twice-divorced Cruise, a devout Scientologist, wanted to have a legally binding Catholic ceremony in Bracciano's imposing castle.

    An electrician in Bracciano fed the media-frenzy on Thursday, when he told Italian television that the princess whose family owns Castello Odescalchi had ordered him to rewire part of the castle ahead of the Cruise-Holmes ceremony.

    The priest with responsibility for Bracciano has said that whatever ceremony Cruise and Holmes have, it cannot be Catholic because Cruise is divorced and does not have parish permission.

    "Cruise is divorced," Monsignor Nicola Fiorentini told Italian media. "Even if the actor were not divorced, another fundamental requirement to validate the rite would be missing: the authorization of the parish."

    Wedding-watchers have also cautioned that if the couple go ahead with a Scientology ceremony alone, the Italian state is not likely to recognize it. The Church of Scientology was formed by the late American science-fiction novelist L. Ron Hubbard.

    The red tape and the naysayers haven't quelled the excitement around the 15th century Castello Odescalchi, which has hosted a pope and kings.

    "It's a wonderful thing because it will bring back to life this dead countryside," local pensioner Maria Rosati said.

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  • When one is given a truly wonderful gift such as Miss Dakota Fanning, it should be received as precious joy, and be ever so grateful to be around to appreciate her while shes
    here to share her talent.
    I say to Miss Fanning: I am so happy to give my tears of Joy as a way of saying how thankful I am for what so many in this world will never know or understand (their loss) our gain.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:36 AM  

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