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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Cold Feet, Or Functioning Brain

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"I think Katie is getting cold feet," a friend of Holmes tells Star. "She must be wishing she and Tom could slow down their race to the altar while they get to know each other better."

Honey, if you have any intention of going through with the marriage, you do not want to get to know this man. He is dependant, controlling, obsessive, and SHORT.

Run, Katie, run. There's no shame in cold feet, in wisening up, in acting without his express permission or consent. Do you value your individuality? Then listen to your gut and GET OUT while the getting is good.

"Katie doesn't exactly want to call off the wedding completely," says her friend. "She'd probably just be a lot happier if it wasn't happening so quickly!" However, the friend also adds: "Katie is a smart girl, and she could very well wake up one morning and decide that being with a man nearly twice her age is just not something she wants to do. She could become a real-life runaway bride."

Except for that faking-kidnapping-doing-community-service-in-an-ugly-orange-jumper thing, you should TOTALLY go for it, Katie.

Pee Ess: In potential explanation of Tom's behavior, he does used to *cough*stilldoes*cough* suffer from severe dislexia. And, if you don't look at the letters the "proper" way, Katie becomes I Take, which he certainly is doing. Holmes, on the other hand, becomes Ho Smel.


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