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Friday, August 12, 2005

Some Things Are Unforgivable

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Now, there's something I just have to rehash. I can't let it go.

1. Dakota Fanning's parents did not want to get her a cell phone yet.
2. Tom Cruise gets her a cell phone.

Tom, you're a friggen parent! Why would you undermine the authority of Dakota's parents? Why would you devalue the restrictions they were establishing? Do you want me to swoop down and give Isabella a lesson in bjs? No? Well, you probably have more experience giving them than I do, anyway.

But seriously, people. He gave her a cell phone against her parents wishes. Not only is that bad parenting, but that's downright creepy. If weird old men were giving me gifts to keep in "touch" with them when I was that young, there would have been hell to pay from my mom.

It just feels wrong.


  • Damn straight.

    Somebody needs to go down to the courthouse and get a restraining order. That way, any unwelcome phone calls and/or visits result in a tax-payer funded stay at the big house. I am sure Tommy Boy would fit right in with the "oops, I dropped the soap" crowd.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:26 PM  

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