Save Dakota Fanning!

Friday, November 25, 2005

All The Cruise That's Fit To Spit

Let's quickly catch up on SaveDakota news, as I am in the cold MN for the week, and behind the times, personal business and all. Anyway, all the Cruise That's Fit To Spit:

-Tom and Katie are postponing the wedding. Well, the father's already a bastard. The kid should be, too, right?

-Cruise buys ultrasound machine to see inside pillow.

-Tom squashes idea of silent birth. It's just supposed to be calm and quiet to pop a watermelon out of a lemon. "I want Katie to be as comfortable as possible." Then let the damn woman run away scream.

-Tom believes blood is thicker than adoption. Sure, he won't say as much, but rumor has it he's postponing the wedding because he wants his first biological child to be part of the wedding. Because his first biological child is that important. Handling that well, aren't you Tom?

-Katie looks like a zombie, and the lump hasn't grown for about a month. Well, it shrunk a few times. Hmmmmm. Elastic Baby?


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