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Monday, November 14, 2005

You should be DAMN nervous

Sources close to the Homles family reveal that Katie, 25, is fearing that she doesn't have what it takes to deliver a silent birth.
"As the delivery date gets closer and closer, Katie is worried she will disappoint Tom and herself and not be able to pull through it silently, " she says. "Katie is being taught that the experience is painless and an enlightening one, but she knows better."
The Scientology silent-birth doctrine holds that children should be delivered in an atmosphere of total quiet, without any groans, screams, or sounds of pain from the mother, or even the audible exchange of information among hospital personnel.
Although outwardly cheerful and glowing, Katie appears to be suffering from a great deal of anxiety privately. "We are worried about her. Her parents have played a role so far, but they will not be there in the delivery room," the sources reveals.

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