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Sunday, December 18, 2005

a bunch of TC Boil on my butt crap.

  • Cruise jerks off to L. Ron's picture in the desert or something.

  • Katie begging for help

  • Cruise looking scary, Katie looking drunk

  • we suspected it was L. Ron's baby a while back.

    Dear DJ,

    One of my boyfriend's best friends is very high at Ford Models. A few months ago he (Ford models guy) was at a benefit and was seated next to Katie Holmes publicistwho proceeded to get drunk and told him that she is not carrying Tom's baby(he is rumored to be sterile) but the current head of scientology's baby(not l ron hubbard). Apparently Tom is in love with Katie for doing this(head of scientology is also Tom's butt buddy).

    enjoy or some crap.


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