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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Brain Washing Has Finally Ended For Nicole

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Movie star Tom Cruise is reportedly livid with his ex-wife Nicole Kidman as she has agreed to star in a film based on a dangerous religious cult.

‘A Better Life’ is said to be loosely based on a Waco siege led by a Davidian cult leader in 1993 but Cruise is paranoid that Kidman’s participation may link the film to scientology.

An insider told the Star: “Tom believes in Scientology and lives life through that. But even though it isn’t a cult, he is very aware that some people think it is.

France thinks it is. And the french gave us really yummy cheese, and fashion and hot accents and wine. So, they clearly know what they're talking about.

Scientology gave us Battle Feild Earth, Kirstie Alley (does expelling thetans make you fat?) and Michael Jackson's ex wife.

Hmmmm, who is better at decision making?

“’A Better Life’ is a fictional movie but if anything it’s based on Waco. It’ll follow the story of cult members as they join up and hurtle towards the inevitable tragedy.”

“It will obviously get people talking about niche religions and the effect that they can have.”

What, the effect religion can have on film stars with way too much money????

Actually, the last thing these two need is more attention.


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