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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Please, Share My Crape Sit With The World

So, yesterday, someone left the BEST DAMN COMMENT EVER.

And this is what I think of you the person that mad this gay, fouking, crape web sit ok. Her goes I’m going to tell you what I think I think you’re a Jules girl that wants Dakota fanning all to your self. But the sad thing is your never going to meet her. but I did I got to talk to her about the next movie she’s planning on doing in the future . The movie is called the secret life of bees. She seed she, s not shore if she’s going to do the movie. When she sad that I told he that I read the book and sad to her that if she does the movie she could get a nominated
At the academe award or just think she could win award. Now this is what I have to tell you and I don’t car you don’t have to believe me. When I tell you this but I told Dakota about your crape sit.

I'm not shore if I should take it seriously, but, well, we are a Crape Sit. What can I say?

Oh, and the follow up might be even better:
Sorry about the spelling I for got to use spell check on my computer.

My ass hurts from all the crape sitting.


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