Save Dakota Fanning!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

So, What's The Deal, SaveDakota?

I mean, you haven't updated in, what, almost a week? Are you busy? Is there life outside of SaveDakota?

Well, there's only so much body-guarded trash we can dig through searching for proof that there *is* a baby (still no proof, yet, just the "happy" "couple" trapsing around, carefree, as though there isn't a little bundle of bearded "love" waiting at home).

Still no baby. No signs of a baby. No hint of a baby. No leaks about a baby.

All signs point to No Baby.

Yes, No Baby.

Maybe "Suri" means "We Made It Up" in Hebrew. Maybe a lot of things.

But, it seems as though Cruise is all wrapped up in pretending to be a father (oh, wait, he has two other kids.). Dakota seems to be safe.

Katie? Too tired to run. Poor Katie.

You want a picture?


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