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Thursday, May 25, 2006


Look at that picture. That is NOT Katie Holmes.



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    The difference between Brad and Tom
    Posted May 26th 2006 11:00AM by Rachel Mosteller
    Filed under: Pregnant celebrities

    My fellow Texan, WordGirl, has an interesting post up about the differences between Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise when it comes to the birth of their offspring.

    Basically, she's put into writing what I've been thinking all along: What the heck was Tom Cruise doing jumping from continent to continent while his fiancee was heavily pregnant?

    Heck, it beats jumping on couches.

    At least Brad Pitt is staying in Africa, which I'm sure makes his ex-wife perfectly happy.

    For those of you that may not click on the link, I'm going to quote her now on one of the best posts I have seen about Angelina Jolie:

    "Trust me on this. Jolie, who's playing the role of the man in this coupling, will give Pitt the heave-ho once she's finished draining him of his man-juice OR until she delivers her next child in a hut near the Arctic Circle while being midwifed by kindly Harp Seals."
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