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Thursday, June 01, 2006

I Call Bunk

Rumor has it, Cruise and Holmes want Katherine McPhee to sing at their wedding. Supposedly, they're big fans.

But, recall a month or so ago when Tom hired goons to vote and vote and vote on some online poll to claim that the media made him look bad (it's certainly not your overblown actions and fake girlfriend, tom)?

Right. So, if he really liked little Katherine Scientologist, she would have won, because he has the money to finally influence people in LA to vote, no?

Plus, she'd just make him look short.


  • just found this on the same subject...too funny!

    McPhee to sing at TomKat's wedding?
    Posted Jun 1st 2006 5:31PM by Adam Finley
    Filed under: American Idol, Celebrities

    Well, we heard about Steven Spielberg contacting her, and now apparently Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have also taken a shine to American Idol loser Katherine McPhee. Scuttlebutt in the gossip rags has it that McPhee met Holmes at the Church of Scientology in Los Angeles, and the two hit it off, swapping tips on how to smile and look cute, or whatever the hell they talked about. Anyway, the (in)famous Hollywood couple known as TomKat have apparently asked McPhee to perform at their wedding. The song she'll be singing is "Garblax, Tyranical One-Eyed Ruler of the Gleeferslock Galaxy." Or possibly, "You Light Up My Life." It's often hard to tell with this kind of ceremonies.

    By Blogger skywench, at 4:54 PM  

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