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Wednesday, September 20, 2006



"Now listen to me very closely. I want you to tell me everything. I want to know what the weather was like when you drove to the estate, outside London to meet Tom Cruise. I want to know the names of streets you traveled on to get to the country house where you say you and Tom Cruise wrestled and had sexual relations. That's what you are saying, right?"

Now Red seemed to have collected himself and responded with a very short, but direct, "Yes.".

"Where was Nicole at the time? They were shooting a film, right? Tell me the name of the film they were doing when all this happened."

Red softly answered, "Eyes Wide Shut."

Anthony blasted Red. "I didn't hear you."

Red fired back, so loud he could be heard in the neighboring office, "Eyes Wide Shut!"

Throughout the hour and a half interrogation Pellicano delivered his questions in rapid fire succession. I noticed that Red, at times, seemed frazzled at the simplest questions. But I have to give it to him. He, surprisingly, held his own. However, I had no doubt that Pellicano intended to shake him up, trying to see if he would fall apart under pressure.

"Look at me when I am talking to you!" Pellicano did not ask, he demanded. "Describe the sound of Tom Cruise's voice? What distinguishable marks does he have on his face? And, I'm going to tell you that right now. There are distinguishable marks that you can only see up close. So, if you are lying to me, I'm going to know."

The master interrogator dominated the scene - and - seemed to truly enjoy it, shooting off questions without pause; without seeming to take a breath. One after another. On and on. Consecutively, in staccato fashion. "What color is his hair? What shape are his eyebrows? Tell me about his eye lashes? Are they long? Are they dark, or are they lighter than the hair on his head? How tall is he? Is he left handed or right handed? Do you know? Did you see his penis?"

The merciless grilling continued non-stop. Red did not have a second to think. Pellicano did not want him to falter, hesitate or take a breath or pause long enough to create or invent a tale. He wanted the truth and nothing but the truth. He conducted one of the most masterful interrogations I've ever seen. I got to see first hand, the maestro at work. What a learning experience. I sat in silence, on the edge of my seat.

The bombardment questions continued. "What was the limo driver's name? You say there were two men who took you to Tom Cruise' country home outside London. What were their names?"

"I remember one of them. A big burly looking guy named Mickey." Red detailed the stocky, barrel-chested limo driver right down to his hairy knuckles.

"What gate did the driver use to enter onto the property? You say the home was outside London. Where outside London? Describe the landscape. Did you walk upstairs into the house? What door did you enter through? Were there security guards? Once you entered the premises did you walk down down a hallway to a room?"

Red's mouth appeared to drop open but no words came out. He seemed to be dumbfounded, but eventually he came around answering all of Pellicano's questions in great detail.

" Describe the room where you wrestled and had sex with Cruise. Were there pictures on the wall? Were the windows curtained or did they have shutters? Were they draped? Describe the paintings you saw on the wall."

After an hour, Red became so petrified, he began looking away and stuttered when he spoke. I thought Pellicano would cause him to either crack or shit his pants. Strange as it may seem, however, Red survived Pellicano's brutal questioning.

Anthony later pulled me aside and said, "I think this kid's telling the truth. I find him to be credible."


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