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Thursday, November 30, 2006

You've Lost That Lovin' FEEEEEEELIN'!

Now that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have sealed their conspiracy-crammed coupling with an oh-so-uncomfortable three-minute kiss, a few of the more, oh, let's say special aspects of their Italian castle-set nuptials are emerging. Among them: People reports the groom channeled his bygone "Top Gun" alter ego Maverick as he serenaded his bride -- sans wingman Goose, unfortunately -- with the Righteous Brothers classic "You've Lost that Loving Feeling." While belting out an emotional tune about fading love (sample lyric: "You never close your eyes any more/ When I kiss your lips/And there's no tenderness like before/ In your fingertips ... It makes me just feel like crying baby/ 'Cause baby, something beautiful's dying") might seem an odd choice for a wedding reception, we suppose it's no more of a head-scratcher than how Cruise appears ever-so-slightly taller than his far more statuesque wife in their wedding photo.


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