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Monday, August 15, 2005

Katie: Also Relationship Dependant

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Amerie says, "The last time I called her and left a message was a few months ago, and it was to congratulate her on her engagement to actor Chris Klein, so it seems really weird to leave a message now saying, 'Congratulations on your engagement to Tom.

"I bet Chris feels absolutely terrible. I feel so sorry for the guy. It's all been so quick, but (Katie's) been in love with (Cruise) since she was a little girl, so imagine how she feels now that she's marrying him."

Holmes dated Klein for five years until they split earlier this year (FEB05), and announced her engagement to Cruise just four months later (JUN05).

There are so many things wrong with the Holmes/Cruise picture.

Any public figure you are in love with as a little girl, is too old for you.

Dating for 5 years. 4 month break. Engaged again. Can't you be single, Katie? Tom can't. We've established that. Don't be his enabler.

Poor Chris, we feel for you. 5 years of not getting any tail, and to be dumped for a (it's just a rumor we're not supporting or denying) gay man must be pretty rough. Of course, Tom Cruise is his favorite actor.

What a tangled web.

More tangled, still, would be Katie's ex-flame Josh Hartnett dating Scarlett Johansson, who ranked higher on the infamous "who can I date to look straight and grasp the public eye again" list of Cruise's.


Run, Dakota.
Run, Katie.

I think I need a drink.


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