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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

We Make The Baby Katie Cry

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Star reports that Kate Holmes has been having no-tear-left-behind cry sessions over gossipers dissing her and Tom Cruise. If she falls into clinical depression, will he let her receive treatment? The part that most bothers Katie is people's saying that their romance is a publicity stunt.

Kate Holmes? hahahahhahahhahahah.

Dear Katie,

When your so-called man-love acts like a lunatic, when you're engaged so soon as your business agreement was signed, errr, since you met thoughyoucan'trememberhow, people are going to talk.

My advice? Shut up, accept the money, diddle your ex on the side (no one is buying the virgin bit), and, when the time limit is up, take the money and run.

Kate. hahahhahahahahhaha.


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