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Thursday, September 01, 2005

In Your FACE, Pretty Boy.

Cruise’s former publicist Pat Kingsley has quietly agreed to represent Shields, in what many insiders are interpreting as a not-too-subtle slap at her estranged client.

"Those two dots don’t connect." Pfft. Riiiiiiiiiight. And TommyTom dreams of doing the backstroke in a sea of vagiiiiiiiiiina.

Kingsley, who reprsented Cruise for over a decade, was fired by the star last Spring after she urged him to limit his pro-Scientology sermonizing. Since then, says a PMK insider, “Pat’s been pretty upfront about her disdain for Cruise. This will drive him absolutely crazy.”

Um. Too late?

Pat, love, if you're going to be gathering disconnected dots in your non-fued with Psycho McNutterbuns, may I make a suggestion? Pass little Dakota your card. For onesies, she's a fucking CASH COW. She outacts all of her big-screen costars, she wears clothes that no one but a supah stah would be caught DEAD doffing, and she's got the attitude to make it big. Twosies? Not that it would matter, seeing how over the dumping you are, but it would SO piss off Ms. Dorothy Gale Mr. Tom Cruise.

I mean, not that it matters.
Because you're so clearly over it.


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