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Friday, August 26, 2005

Condo...........or SAFEHOUSE?

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KATIE HOLMES, rarely spotted these days without TOM CRUISE or a Scientology minder crazy-glued to her, secretly went condo shopping in L.A... alone! (Insert spooky musical chord!) Katie toured two multimilliondollar condos — one in fancy Hancock Park, another in West Hollywood... alone! Insiders say Katie was whisked in and out after business hours, and "the only thing she asked about was security." Enquiring minds ask: why would engaged Katie need a condo?

Now, we here at Save Dakota are torn.

I mean, our purpose is to save Dakota, so she is first and formost on our mind. Some of our employees would like to believe that if he marries Miss Holmes, Dakota will be safe. After all, he'll be married, and as psychotic as he sometimes talks, he doesn't have a history of cheating on his beards wives.

But, who knows how long this marriage will last. His next target could well be Miss Fanning, once he's used up Katie, and needs someone new to make him look human.

So, his pending nuptuals are no guarentee that Dakota will be safe.

That said, there are also some employees here at Save Dakota who have a deep seeded hatred for Miss Holmes and his crooked half smile and oddly shaped head. But, even with that hatred/dislike/disgust, no one wants to subject anyone to the fake kisses of Mr. Cruise. So, a sub-header of Save Dakota should likely be "and all other women, from Tom Cruise." Including his daughter. Or, dear lord, any of her friends.

But, one life at a time.

So, Katie, he's letting you out on your own. Postpone the marriage. Listen to your parents' concerns. Live in your own condo. Be your own person. Decide without the help of a prompter if you love him. And ask yourself, really ask yourself, why you can't remember how you two met.


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