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Monday, October 10, 2005

Tom Cruise's OTHER Baby

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It seems that Mr. Cruise's Cruise-ade may have some more fuel for the fire.

Support and advice groups for parents of children with so-called behavioural disorders are being secretly funded by pharmaceutical firms, the article claims.

Critics claim that its use is unnecessary in many instances, as the children are exhibiting natural traits for their age which can be alleviated with dietary measures.


The Eli Lilly spokesman said that the company wanted to help educate people about ADHD, but she conceded that there was a degree of self-interest in it doing so.


Thus far, though, no information has surfaced that the medical claims made by the companies have been falsified. They may be uncooth in who they choose to back financially, but that doesn't mean the product doesn't work.

Just food for thought.

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