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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Holmes is CLASSY, People

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"I won't be waddling into my wedding with a big bump." Miss Holmes stated earlier this week, in an attempt to dispell the Christmas or NYE wedding rumors that have been circulating around Hollywood.

Well, Christmas is out, unless they wed in secret. In this town, nothing is secret, except where Miss Holmes ordered her terrible fake bellies, and why Cruise doesn't want to be openly gay.

But, Katie, we have some advice for you:

Many women who find they are pregnant after planning their wedding opt to postpone it until after the baby is born. But, as most mothers will testify, looking after a small baby is a lot more tiring than being pregnant - really! So think carefully before you decide and make sure you have people on hand to help you with the baby if necessary. Many women opt to wait for the wedding until the baby is a little older and has stopped breastfeeding. Also, unless you're Posh Spice, you won't have a washboard stomach a few months after giving birth, so if you're thinking of getting married after you've just had a baby it's wise to avoid any tummy-hugging styles unless you want to spend an awfully long time in the gym beforehand.

Though, since you won't be breastfeeding, your tits should bounce back quicker.

Oh, wait, you're not really pregnant. Never mind.


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