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Friday, July 15, 2005

The Eleven Factor Possibilities

While we still believe that Mr Cruise will be pining for our dear Dakota, I've put together a list of other 1989 babies. Let's take a closer look at some of the girls that would prove the 'Eleven Factor' to be a reality, rather than a myth. I like to call them the Cruise Eleven Factor Girls Club: Version 4.

Caitlin Wachs
March 15, 1989
This young starlet has been in plenty of movies and television shows in her day. She played the young Vivi in The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. She played Kevin Costner's daughter in Thirteen Days. Recently, she starred opposite of Molly Shannon in the tv series Cracking Up. According to Celebopedia, Caitlin made her mark in the industry when she appeared on NBC's Profiler. Celebopedia also has the following information on Caitlin: Wachs received the Young Artists Award nomination three years in a row and was a 1998 nominee at the Hollywood Reporter YoungStar Awards for best female actress in a TV drama series. As you can see, this girl is going places. If she ever makes it on the 'A' list of celebs, the she might be picked for Tom's Eleven Factor Project.

Yvonne Zima
January 16, 1989
Yvonne is apparently one of three Zima sisters in the industry. Seems that this young actress has appeared in a handful of television shows and movies such as Roseanne, The Long Kiss Goodnight, Heat, Executive Decision, and ER as Dr Mark Greene's daughter, Rachel. Ms. Zima has had three nominations for the Young Artist Award. We believe this might be another young talent who has the potential to become a leading lady, a quality that Tommy obviously looks for when choosing his potential mates.

Lucy Hale
June 14, 1989
There really isn't much to say about Ms. Hale. According to the Foxes on Idol website, she was on some junior version of American Idol that was formed in order to create a group of younger singing sensations. For the most part, Mr Cruise has stayed away from those in the music industry and stuck with the actresses. Based on this reason alone (well that and the fact I can't find any current information on Lucy), I think she will be safe from Tom's Eleven Factor.

Michelle Wie
Oct. 11, 1989
This young sports star has been the talk of the golf community lately. She is currently playing in the U.S. Men's Amateur Public Links tournament which might lead to a bid for the Masters. Based upon the reading I have done on Michelle, she seems entirely too focused on her golfing career and turning pro, to be sidetracked by the likes of Tom "Icky Creepy Drooly Old Man" Cruise (then again, we all thought Katie was to be taken seriously about her career, too).
However, Michelle IS taller than him measuring in at an even 6 feet. He does seem to like the taller ladies. Regardless of that small turn-on to Tom, he doesn't really go for the sporty women. Michelle can be an 'A' list sports celeb without Tom's assistance.

There you have it. The list of the eligible girls that could be the next Mrs Tom Cruise if he continues to follow the Eleven Factor.

Note to the Cruise Eleven Factor Girls Club:
Please don't dream of being this man's wife someday. You already see what's happened to Katie. You see what is going on with Dakota. The man is buying her a cell phone WITHOUT her parents permission! What's next? A trip to Vegas? Drinking? Drugs? Gambling? Or maybe even SCIENTOLOGY???? Keep shooting towards your goals girls. Stay focusedl, and for goodness sake, don't do any movies with Tom or take any calls from his agent! This will be the end of it all.

Now let's get back to the reason we are all here. SAVE DAKOTA!


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