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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

And At What Level OT Does The Auditing Adjust The Ruin Of Love Addiction?

TommyTom's a relationship junkie. Full article here.

The “War of the Worlds” star seems to have a bit of the J.Lo syndrome: Cruise apparently told Jamie Foxx that he can’t stand not being in a relationship.

Listen, Dakota. I know co-dependence. I've been there, done that. No matter which side of that dysfunctional dating pond you're standing on, it ain't pretty.

And I know that his concern and his phone calls seem sweet and welcome now, but picture this if you will: a 50-year-old man-boy, sobbing and red-faced because you were at the grocery store twenty minutes later than you said you would be, and you left your GPS tracking device phone he so sweetly got you before your first date at home so he wasn't able to reach you, and maybe you're not breathing so well at this point. Picture tears and snot globbed disgustingly onto his cheeks, 32 new voice messages in the last hour, dishes broken in the kitchen sink, and I'll bet it feels like you've got cement in your lungs. I'll bet you want nothing more than to hop your ass into that fancy sportscar he probably got you for your third date and get as far away as fast as you can.

But you can't, Dakota.
Because right now you're eleven.
Remember that.

One day you WILL be old enough to hop your ass into some sporty ride and speed off into the sunset. But let that ride be your own. Let that sunset be about moving toward something beautiful, not running from something ugly.

Dammit, girl -- and I would give this advice to ANY strong young female, not just those in peril of finding themselves cringing in pain from the strongman-clutch handhold of a desperately-needs-to-be-medicated couch-assulting clam-loving arrested-development megalomaniacal questionably-hetero freaky freak (you listening, KatieKate?) -- live for yourself. Keep your heart open, but keep your head on straight. If you fall in love, be in love, relish your love, but don't give yourself up. And during the times when you find yourself unattached, relish in your singleness. Be a little selfish. Learn what makes you happy, what you want with your life. Don't apologise for being you and don't apologise for being twenty fucking minutes late because traffic sucked and the retard at the checkout had to pricecheck every goddamn thing in your cart.

And don't take those vitamins.
And don't answer that phone.
And know that we love you.


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