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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

In Touch Magazine: bad touch

In Touch Weekly's August 15th, 2005 issue has created quite a stir here at SaveDakota. If you have a copy, check out page 20, where In Touch mentions Katie's magazine cameo in Vanilla Sky. We broke the news even before Defamer, and yet there's nary a mention of In Touch's source.

Hey, In Touch, give credit where credit is due!

(don't worry, I dropped them an email. And, if you want to drop us an email, you can find us at Drop us your latest TomKat of Fanning gossip, send us hate mail, or ask for nudie pictures.)

They did manage to do a bit of good, though. The page 86-87 spread, detailing Tom's blatent lake of parenting skills (wouldn't you be embarassed, too, if your dad was insane), makes us cringe.

Hey Tom, why is it acceptable for you to date a child, when you're ignoring the feelings of your own??

Hopefully, if In Touch is right, Katie's mom will put a stop to this marriage sham.

Katie may be the baby in the relationship, but Tom needs to grow the fuck up.


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