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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

You hero from space With a heart bigger than earth You give me a chance

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In an interview with Heat magazine, Katie reveals that Tom is in fact her "hero".

Do you know who my hero is? My mom. And I'm not making out with her in public every chance I get. That's just not classy.

"I have never met anyone who is so full of life, so secure in who he is [a bottom] and what he does [men]. It's a beautiful thing to be able to fall in love with a man like him," she gushes.

Unicorns are also beautiful, Katie, and you're not running around saying they're real. Also, I suggest you paint over the ones all over your room. Tom would want it that way.

"He's incredibly interesting to be around: his enthusiasm is infectious."

He's a disease.

"It would be nice if people were happy for us, but our friends know how happy we are together, so why should I care about what rumours are floating out there?"

Except those times you sobbed to reporters begging people to believe it, so terribly heartbroken that you can't act well enough to pull it off aren't being taken seriously.

But Katie, being taken seriously is a big girl thing. Are you ready for big girl pants?


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