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Friday, September 16, 2005

Cruise Declares New Millennium!

(Cruisenews is slow today, so we're making it up)

Rumors that the famous couple, Tom Cruise and Kate Holmes, are set to wed on Christmas Day are close, but not entirely accurate. Sources close to the couple have revealed plans for a near-midnight New Year's Eve wedding. "The couple will say mutual "I Do"s as the ball drops in NYC in the background. Whether they'll actually be in NYC, or just have a giant screen playing live behind them, I cannot reveal." But that does tell those of us who want to know, that an East Coast wedding is planned.

Perhaps in Ohio, as a way to win back the admiration of Tom's future in-laws, who are reportedly not happy with Kate's rejection of her Catholic upbringing. "All I can say is that with the love these two share, be prepared for declaration of a brand new millennium."


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