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Friday, May 05, 2006

All The "News" That's Fit, whatvere

  • Fanning Wins Award For War Of The Worlds. Cruise still a douche.
  • "she auditioned for the role of Tom's babies' mama."
  • Keri Russell Not A Douche. See, Katie, not all ex-WB stars are destined for douchedom.
  • Cruise Benefits Medicine. By demonstrating what NOT to do.
  • Cruise Benefits Self. A picture's worth a million...bucks.
  • Rural Scientology Center Offers Open House. Nobody Cares.
  • 16 Days After "Birth," Holmes Already Abandoning Baby For Night On The Town. Great parenting skills.


    • "With three children, Tom says he is pro-life and believes one can drop dead at any time."

      Wait, is Tom threatening to kill one of his children? Umm, I think abortion is illegal after the 3rd trimester.

      By Anonymous other, at 2:55 PM  

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