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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Holmes Visits Orphans, Relives Childhood

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Even though Katie Holmes is a big girl now, yes she is, yes she is, she doesn't mind an opportunity to kick off her shoes and relive her youth.

"It feels like it was only yesterday, instead of two or three years ago, that I was a child," Holmes stated (okay, she didn't).

Apparently, her puppeteer, well, somehow convinced her that it was her idea, that he just "inspired" her (oh, the things they can do with hypnosis these days) to go frolic with the orphans.

You know, if he were sterile (which, he most certainly is NOTdon'tsueus), sending his lady to the orphanage would be a good way to encourage her that adoption is the best way to make babies. "Like mail order!"

Of course, that's just a silly little unfounded untrue thoughtdon'tsueus.


  • I *heart* this blog. I tune in every day for a laugh, and have yet to be dissapointed.Keep up the great work.

    By Anonymous Rosie, at 5:36 AM  

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