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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Yes, Dakota, There Is A Santa Claus

Disclaimer: We make no statements trying to assert the validity of any claims made in the following article. Though we may hold personal opinions (that have never been stated to be taken as a fact), these opinions are not meant to sway other people. We are not asserting you are gay, little man, so don't sue.

To Out or Not to Out: Tabs Keep Rumors Away From Public

Today, big name celebrities who have been the subject of homosexuality rumors, such as Tom Cruise, have been aggressive in pursuing legal remedies or, as with Richard Gere and Cindy Crawford, in even buying up advertising space in national newspapers to counter allegations of sham marriages.

On a totally, completely different note, I remember reading something about younger, pre to early teen girls looking androgynous. Shakespeare often wrote about women dressing as men, and having other women fall for them. I would assume, just as a little opinion dancing around in my brain that is not true and not offered for any truth and is definitely not slander, that a young androgynous girl could perhaps more resemble a male that an older, more has-breasts type of female.

And, just because I like to ramble, and non of this has anything to do with anything else, Nicole Kidman is very thin. She has an amazing body, but isn't the most buxom actress in Hollywood.

And, still rambling, nothing connected to anything else here, KatieKate, if you pull her hair back, has a sort of masculine face, doesn't she? Sort of looks like she could be a...TomBoy? [we most certainly do NOT mean to imply that she could be a BOY for TOM. Not at all.]


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