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Monday, May 08, 2006

More Boring TC News

  • Cruise's Dutch Stalker. Only the Dutch, man.
  • Cruise Sends Sheild Gift Basket. Filled with vitamins, no doubt.
  • Join Scientology, Gain Super Powers. Ability to annoy whole country with single jump.
  • Kidman More Delusional Than Previously Thought. Still loves Cruise?
  • Tom Cruise Sucks At Movies. And life.
  • Tom Cruise Rules With Iron Fist. He may not have cut nudie scenes the first time, but he will now.
  • Most Sales From Current Movie Due To Scientologist. Many industry insiders have long speculated that stars make volume buys - especially on the first night - if they are concerned that a film might not meet expectations. Would Cruise fans at the church try this? In a word: Yes.

    (image stolen shamelessly from My Favorite Trent.)


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