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Friday, July 22, 2005

Hubbard's Secret Service Strikes Again

To the left you will see the Los Angeles Celebrity Centre -- plenty of room to store infidels?!

From Page Six:

July 21, 2005 -- Celebrities like Kirstie Alley and John Travolta say Scientology is open and free, but the sci-fi religion's leadership sure hates being scrutinized in the press. When the church learned that Glamour magazine was working on an expose about a former Scientologist for its September issue, it immediately sent two emissaries to Conde Nast headquarters. An insider at Glamour said, "The story is about a woman who grew up in the church and literally fled to the country to escape her husband, mother and the Scientologists she lived with. During our fact-checking, we called the L.A. headquarters and several hours later two Scientologists showed up at Conde Nast and had security call the editor of the story to tell her she had visitors. In our offices, they demanded to see the story but we declined, noting we don't release stories until they are on stands. They showed up twice more that week with DVD's and books about Scientology and then finally with their comments. During the last visit, the Scientologists saw the latest issue of Glamour with Nicole Kidman on the cover with the tagline tease, 'Nicole opens up about Tom,' and demanded copies."

Watch for the white vans, Dakota.


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