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Friday, August 19, 2005

You Know I Love You But I Just Can't Take This//You Know I Love You But I'm Playin' For Keeps

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Katie Holmes says Scientology is a wonderful thing but she is not fully converted yet. But some friends worry that he's taken over her life.

Ah, so her friends agree that Mr. Cruise IS Scientology. Well, cut off the head of the beast, eh? Any takers?

No, we're just kidding. Violence is wrong. Especially against couches. But we digress.

Katie's Catholic upbringing doesn't seem to be doing its job here. She's abstained from sex for WAY TOO DAMN LONG, and yet, she's jumping at the chance to believe in aliens and weird soul sucking spirits?

If she were this easy to convince, you'd think she would have shut up and put out years ago.


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