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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

"I just can't restrain myself, I honestly can't."

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"I've never felt like this before - and I want to communicate it - it's good to communicate happy things. People like hearing it."

Good Idea: Communicating things that bring you joy in a manner appropriate to the situation.

Bad Idea: Acting like you're the only man who's ever loved a woman, and anyone who doesn't abuse a couch doesn't really feel happy.

Tom, Tom, Tom, does John Travolta love his wife? I've never seen him beat his fists on the floor and make out with her like the world depended on it. Huh. He must not actually be happy.

When Lafayette Ronald Hubbard (that's a gay name) married "Polly," I doubt he was so hole-suckingly public about it. I bet he loved Polly.

So listen you little PDA twerp. You can control it, because hundreds of thousands of people do every day. You didn't invent love. You aren't revolutionizing it. You and your little C-List honey are just being attention whores to the n-th degree.

Guess what, Tommyboy, it's getting harder and harder to find news stories, because, surprise surprise, people stopped caring.

Maybe if you two start having sex in public.

Oh wait, you don't do that sex thing, do you?


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