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Friday, August 19, 2005

Katie, this is your past come back to HELP YOU

In 2003, Katie Holmes gave an interview to Marie Claire magazine. You can read the interview here.

The article was titled "12 things I'll never take for granted."

Most of these things were put forth, I'm sure, to maintain Katie's cutsey feminine image. But, a few things she mentioned bear repeating, for her sake if no one else's.

7. My best friend.
My best friend from home is name Meghann. I've known her since kindergarden, and we're like sisters.

If you're so close to her, why did you upgrade tot he Scientologist's Best Friend Model 2005, Katie?

10. Being the baby
I was born last in my family, so I got to watch everybody grow up, and I got a lot opportunities that my four older siblings didn't get.

Maybe this was foreshadowing. Maybe someone should have caught this earlier. Because in the Cruise relationship, you are the baby, and always will be.

12. Love.
Ah love. What they say about it is true: It makes the work go round and round - at least my world. And although I like to keep my personnal relationships private (Katie currently dates actor Chris Klein), I think certain people in my life know I don't take them for granted. It's an unspoken agreement. And if they don't realize that, then I am probably doing something wrong.

Oh, so much to be said here. But, let's highlight the most important part. I like to keep my personnal relationships private "Private" does not mean that some people in Africa with no internet or television may not have heard about who you are dating. "Private" means not making out everwhere there are cameras, even if his kids are standing next to you, waiting for the five minutes of suck-face time is over. Honey, if you think anything about your currently relationship is private, you're as delusional as he is.


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